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Glossary of Westfield Pop Terms

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Westfield POP Glossary

POP Glossary

Pop Up: A temporary retail location, located in the common area of the shopping center. Retailers can choose from a pre-fabricated retail unit or provide fixturing of their own. Offering 360 degree views of merchandise, Pop Ups are an ideal way to showcase a new product or offering over 3-30 days.

Pop In: A short-term retail location with the look of a permanent inline store, Pop In with Westfield POP is ideal for retailers with a wide variety of products. With lease terms from 3-12 months, Pop In is best suited for established retailers.

Pop Around:  Pop Around for Westfield POP is the retail roadshow of leasing options. Ideal for retailers wanting to test a range of retail environments, Westfield POP allows retailers to “pop up” across a number of centers.

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